This booking of Entertainment Agreement is between the artist/s (or Artistes Representatives ) and Hirer, Promoter or Venue Management ; and is subject to all the terms listed herein. Parties accept herewith that they have received, understood and accepted the terms of business of Steve Martin Entertainments. This document represents the verbal agreement made on or before the issue date shown overleaf. No signature is required to bring this document into force. This Agreement constitutes a contract of employment of the services of the Artist/s by the hirer. The Negotiators of this agreement are Steve Martin Entertainments who act herewith as an Employment Agency, and issue this agreement to all parties involved in the making of this agreement.

1. Under this agreement the Artiste/s is/are responsible for his/her/their Income Tax and National Insurance.

2. It is required that artistes Arrival Times at Venues allow the Artiste/s to set up all equipment and properties used in his/her/their act, and set such equipment (including sound checking) in adequate time for the performance, or any foregoing item on this programme. If deemed necessary, the Artiste should make arrangements with the venue management to gain early access.

3. The Artiste agrees to supply a complete and adequate Sound System for all of his/her/their performance (unless otherwise advised in this agreement), and to operate the herein contracted performance/s in a self contained manner (unless otherwise stated herein).

4. The Venue Management reserves the right to view all publicity and marketing material used by the Artiste(s) before issue or use of such by the Artiste(s) in venue(s) named overleaf.

5. The Artiste/s is/are to perform his/her/their act , as known, as stated in the schedule of performance.

6. The Artiste/s accept/s legal responsibil